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How to translate your website with AI

In today's global digital landscape, having a multilingual website is essential for reaching a wider audience. AI-driven translation tools have made this task easier than ever. In this article, we'll explore a simple yet effective way to translate your website using AI, specifically leveraging ChatGPT, and integrating it into a Next.js application. This is exactly how I do it at SmartPriceDoc.

1. Prepare your text

Depending on how your website is set up, the details will be a little different, but at a high level you'll have a JSON file with the english copy, ie. en.jsonAdd your text to the en.json (or whatever it's called)

2. Copy-paste the translation prompt into ChatGPT (or whatever your LLM service is)

Translate the values of the following JSON into the following languages: english, spanish, (ANY_OTHER_LANGUAGES):


Create the JSON per language. I acknowledge this is a complex task, but it's very important that you complete the task for all the JSON fields. If you only give me an excerpt then I will need to keep asking until the job is done so it's in our mutual best interest to complete all the fields in one go. :)

3. Replace the placeholders

Replace ANY_OTHER_LANGUAGES and JSON_HERE from the prompt above.

4. Copy-paste the results

The result should now be copy-pastable into other JSON files such as es.json or ar.json