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Your files remain private and are never uploaded to external servers. Metadata from your file is encrypted and stored on our servers for up to 24 hours. The encryption is designed so that only your device has the ability to decrypt it; even we can't access the raw data. The service allows for files up to 50 MB in size, and allows 1000 questions per day.

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How to chat with your PDF

Chat using AI with your document

  1. Upload your file

  2. Remove pages you don't want to ask about by clicking the delete button on the top-right.

    By removing pages you're not interested in, you can keep the AI focused on the right pages.
    Use the delete button on the right to remove one or several pages.
    Use the extract button on the right to remove everything except for the selected pages.
  3. Click "Enable AI discussion" on the right-hand panel

  4. Type your question in the chat bar

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Chat with your PDF