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SignEasyNow Trust is a top priority and reports of suspicious activity are taken seriously. It's imperative that security concerns are shared with us to ensure issues are addressed timely and appropriately. This page outlines the difference between imitating SignEasyNow via spoofing or impersonation used in phishing campaigns and the improper use of SignEasyNow customer accounts to commit fraud — as well as the correct reporting channel for each.
Attempts to trick people into believing that emails are related to or from an actual SignEasyNow customer account are imitation attempts. Conversely, concerns related to an actual Prod customer account are considered fraud and improper use of our platform.

Quick Reporting Guide

TypeWhat happened?How do I report my concern?Additional Resources
Imitation SignEasyNowI received a fake (spoofed) SignEasyNow themed email notification or want to report an imitation SignEasyNow URL.Send an email to alex@signeasynow.com.N/A
Improper use of SignEasyNowI am a victim of SignEasyNow customer fraud or I received a suspicious SignEasyNow envelope and I suspect fraud/illegal activity.Send an email to alex@signeasynow.com.N/A
Other security concernsI have a SignEasyNow security threat concern not listed above or I am unsure.Report all other security concerns to alex@signeasynow.com. 
Privacy concerns and requestsI have a request or concern regarding my personal data.Send an email to alex@signeasynow.com.Privacy Notice
Reporting imitation of SignEasyNow

Our customers are the first line of defense against cybersecurity threats. Detecting cyber security issues quickly reduces the possibility of negative consequences. The information below explains how to detect cyber security threats via imitation (also called spoofing) and report them to SignEasyNow's information security team for investigation.

Dedicated threat reporting channels
  • Prod-themed imitation emails and websites: If you think that you've received a fraudulent email purporting to come from SignEasyNow, forward the entire email as an attachment to alex@signeasynow.com and delete it immediately. If you identify a website imitation of SignEasyNow, please copy and paste the URL into an email to alex@signeasynow.com for investigation.
  • Other security incidents and SignEasyNow-themed threats for investigation: new cybersecurity threats occur regularly. To support SignEasyNow information security and threat intelligence, report security incidents and Prod platform threats to alex@signeasynow.com.
Guidelines for identifying imitation emails and websites

If you don't recognize the sender of a SignEasyNow envelope and are uncertain of the email's authenticity, look for the unique security code included in all SignEasyNow envelopes at the bottom of the notification email. If you don't see this code, don't click on any links or open any attachments.